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Meet Your Team at Reese Law

Let me tell you about me, and my associates - your team.

I have been practicing law since 1997 under the third-year practice rule, and since 1998 as a member of the Virginia Bar. I was licensed in Maryland and DC in 1998. My website will tell you about the awards and credentials, so I will tell you what it doesn’t – at an early age I was instilled with a concern about fairness and justice and knew I wanted to help people. I decided law would be my path, and soon discovered that families are often in need of help – to let children be children, to give the path for parents to be able to have a relationship with their children and to parent them in a safe and loving way, for assets and debts to be divided fairly and for support to be paid commensurate with the law or a private agreement.

We Believe in Lifelong Learning & Investment

Over the years I have honed my skills by becoming a Supreme Court certified mediator at the highest level and becoming trained in collaborative divorce, something we practice regularly at Reese Law. In 2014, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Counseling, and finish my classes this year, with the degree and licensure to follow in 2018.

Why a master’s in counseling?

Because the emotional toll of changes in family structures can be a high cost for any and all members of the family, and it is important to recognize this and understand it to the fullest. In the course of my career, I have seen mental health professionals do what no parent or child could do for themselves, or each other. There are burdens that should be shared with trusted allies, such as a lawyer or counselor.  Family law problems are hard, you don’t have to go through it alone, and with the right team properly assessing your case, appropriate resources can be applied to help you and your family weather the storm and come through it as whole as possible, with peace of mind.

Our Team is Dedicated and Focused on Helping Our Clients

Meet Chris: Christine Hissong, one of my senior associates, joined me in 2011. We met in mediation class years before, and when I was looking for an associate with a solid skill set capable of handling trials, settlements, mediations and more, she came to mind. Since she has been with Reese Law, she has become collaboratively trained, become the president of the local collaborative practice group, and supported innumerable clients in getting through what was or could have been one of the hardest experiences of their lives. She prepares cases, as we all do, to prevail in meeting our clients realistic and reasonable goals, communicates with them openly and honestly to ensure they understand the risks and benefits of various courses of action and helps them learn how to move forward in a new family structure.

Meet Mario: Mario Williams is the newest attorney addition to Reese Law, joining us in 2016. Mario has been in the courtroom with confidence and good outcomes, yet understands fully why negotiated settlements are preferred. Mario, mentored by myself as well as Chris and Joe, has drafted agreements to help parties decide the fate of their children and family over hours of trial where the judge can only learn some of the facts. He is empathetic and a good listener; clients demonstrate their confidence in him through calling on him and relying on information he provides. Mario, of course, has the full backing of the lead counsel and consults with them regularly to ensure the client’s best interests are protected at all times.

We also have a wonderful support staff including paralegal, legal administration, management, and finance.  


Kate Reese


What Our Clients Say