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Episode 22: Effectively Putting the Kids First

In Episode 22 of the Family Matters podcast, Kate Reese said, "Even though I work for the parents, I am always mindful of the children in my case: how old are they, what do they need, how are things going at home for them."

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Episode 21: Legal Processes with Kate and Mario

When a family goes through changes like a divorce, opting for a collaborative process can make a world of difference in cost, time, and outcome. While some family situations are unsuitable, working with a trained, certified collaborative team should be considered and pursued if it is a feasible option.…

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Episode: 20: Interview with Jen Dalton on book "Listen"

In episode 20 of this podcast, Catherine Reese had the chance to speak with Jen Dalton about her book "Listen." Jen Dalton is the Founder and CEO of BrandMirror, a Certified Personal Brand Strategist for Executives and Entrepreneurs. Catherine and Jen spoke about the importance of listening around the…

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Episode 19: Using Emotional Intelligence when Dealing with Clients and People

In episode 19 of our podcast, we will be talking with Christal Benton, Counsel and Trial Attorney in Family Law and Domestic Relations. Christal has a Master of Liberal Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she specialized in the treatment of eating disorders in adolescents…

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Episode 18: How Do I Care For My Parents and Children

In episode 18 of our podcast, Jenn Folsom is here with us today to discuss work/life balance and what is called the sandwich generation - when you are caring for elders and your children. Jenn is a graduate of Georgetown University, has written The Ringmaster, and is a growth leader in a government management…

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Episode 17: How to Best Help Your Child with the Transition of Family Structure

In episode 17 of our podcast, we talked with Ann Dolin. Ann has a degree in Child Psychology and a Master's in Special Education. She is a former public-school teacher, mother of two, author, and advocate for kids with ADHD and learning issues. She founded Educational Connections in 1998, tutoring one…

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Episode 16: How to Best Help Your Child with the Transition of Family Structure

In Episode 16, Kate had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Smith, a certificated master life and parenting coach, about How to Best Help Your Child through the transition of their Family Structure. It can be a significant change for children when their parents decide to divorce, but if parents set their…

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Episode 15: Launching a Business as a Woman Business Owner

In Episode 15, of our Podcast, Kate talks with Kelly McLaughlan. Kelly is the owner and originator of KME Digital that is a digital marketing agency in Fairfax, Virginia. They discussed what it is like launching a business as a women for Women's History Month, sharing their knowledge on creating and…

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Episode 14: How to Start a Conversation with Your Spouse to Avoid Divorce

In Episode 14 of our podcast, Kate talks with Dr. Kevin Miller. Dr. Miller provides therapy to adults of all ages. He also has extensive experience addressing relationship difficulties, including martial, dating, family, and workplace relationships. He uses an integrative therapeutic style, incorporating…

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Episode: 13 Getting Your Finances Together for the New Year

Kate Reese had the chance to talk to Jamie Blum, a divorce financial consultant and litigation support manager with Councilor, Buchanan and Mitchell, a CPA firm. Kate and Jamie identified some key areas of financial organization and thought.

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Episode 12: My Child Has 2 Homes

How to make the holidays work the best for children and their parents.

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Episode 11: Self Care | Self Improvement

Kate Reese had the chance to speak to Alexandra Herrera, MA-ATR, LPC, about self-care during divorce. They looked at why self-care is so essential, signs and symptoms to look out for, and some helpful self-care techniques that everyone should practice.

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Episode 10: Military Divorce | Things to Consider

Leah Jones values her long-term relationships with clients. "I listen and understand my clients needs through every phase of life and am passionate about making sure we achieve their goals together," says Leah. With almost two decades of asset and private wealth management experience, Leah recognizes…

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Episode 9: Accepting Your Child | Why Accepting your LGBTQ Child Matters

Cyndi Turner has worked for almost three decades in both the public and private sectors, with a professional background that includes serving in clinical as well as supervisory roles. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner (LSATP) and Master Addition…

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Episode 8: The Emotions of a Family Divided

Working with individuals and couples going through life changes, including medical issues, is Phyllis Palombi's specialty. She has dedicated her career helping people make their relationships, marriage, healthier and happier learning about themselves and communicating needs and goals more effectively.…

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Episode 7: Family Law Tax Matters

Mary Szpanka, CPA has been serving the Washington DC Metro area for over 40 years. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her distinguished technical and interpersonal skills. Mary Szpanka, CPA provides tax advice, planning and preparation and accounting services for individuals, small…

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Episode 6: Getting Divorced? Recently Divorced? How Does That Impact Your Estate Planning?

Andrea Weiss Bryk is an Estate Planning and Administration attorney focused on families, law enforcement, and veterans.

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Episode 5: Helping Families Cope with Transitions

At some point in our lives we all find ourselves stuck, fearful, overwhelmed or perhaps uncertain how to resolve issues such as grief, loss, anger, financial hardship, and relationship problems. Perhaps you have decided it may be beneficial to seek professional help. In this episode, we talk with David…

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Episode 4: Getting to Know Reese Law

In this episode, we learn all about the Reese Law office and the members and team that work so hard to make us successful. Join us as we look back at our history and dive into what makes our firm so special.

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Episode 3: Comparing Collaborative and Mediation Processes in Family Law

In this episode, we discuss comparing collaborative and mediation processes in family law.

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Episode 2: Introduction to Mediation

In this episode, we discuss an overview of the mediation process and what to expect when using this path to resolution.

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Episode 1: Introduction to Collaborative Law

In this episode, we address top level questions about the collaborative law process and discuss some of the benefits on using this approach over litigation.

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