Post Divorce

While a final decree of divorce is exactly that, situations may arise that require the court to revisit a final decree. Examples include if a party found that the other hid assets or otherwise lied to the court to gain an advantage, or a party has failed to abide by the court's ruling. In these and other instances, the court will step in to rectify the situation if the parties cannot agree on a resolution.

ReeseLaw can help you with contract disputes and can help with any needed modifications to custody and timesharing/visitation, child support, and spousal support.

Things you should change after a separation and/or divorce

(Changes should be made pursuant to a written agreement or Court Order)

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How do I recover assets that were hidden?

If need be, you file a suit and ask the court to recognize the actions of the other party, and do equity by providing you with a monetary award and fees for having to come to court as a result of the party's failure to disclose.

What if the other person just refuses to do what the contract or decree requires?

Once the contract is incorporated into a court order, or a court ruling is made in to an order or decree, you can file a Rule to Show Cause and ask the court to enforce the order, as well as order the other person to pay your fees and costs as their actions necessitated the court's involvement.

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   The moment I walked in the law firm...I knew I was in good hands.   

The moment I walked in the law firm and sat down with Kate Reese and Amanda Feldman, I knew I was in good hands. Due to an unpleasant experience with previous counsel, I decided to get a 2nd opinion for my divorce case and Kate and Amanda understood my situation and stress I was feeling and quickly set me at ease. This law firm is very professional, thorough, and do not cut any corners. They were able to get my case settled without having to deal with the court. Thank You!!

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