We know that family disputes can be some of the hardest moments in life. Mediation is a wonderful tool that helps the parties work out their differences outside of court. ReeseLaw offers family law mediation services as both the divorce mediation attorney and the mediator.

In family law mediation, a mediator can be engaged to assist with anything from the entire dispute, to parts of an active litigation that can be resolved with compromise. The process involves both parties reaching a mutually acceptable decision with the assistance of the mediator.

As your mediator, ReeseLaw will provide the facilities and experience with the goal of bringing the parties to an agreement on a single issue or the entire dispute. As your divorce mediation attorney, ReeseLaw will be with you through the mediation process and assist with drafting formal agreements to conform to the facts and the law.

Watch these informative videos about mediation by our attorneys.

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Can't my attorney just talk to the other attorney?

Yes, and they often do. And if they can work things out to their clients' satisfaction, there is no need for a mediator.

If you act as the mediator, can you also be counsel for one of us?

No, the mediator must be unbiased and that is in conflict with a counsel's role as advocate. 

What Our Clients Say

I felt as if they were fighting not just for me, but for my child...

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