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Hello, I am Kate Reese of ReeseLaw in Fairfax, Virginia.

Family law matters are one of the most difficult subjects for families to deal with due to their personal nature and often critical importance. No involved parent wants to become a visitor in their child’s life and no one who has financial security in their life wants it whisked away because of a partner’s actions. We understand these things and pride ourselves on understanding our client’s needs and wants as we give them support and guidance throughout their case.

Let me tell you how we do this: First of all, unless I am out of the office for more than 24 hours on a business day, my staff will give me information about your call and I will return your call. If I am not in, one of the firm’s attorneys will call you.

You Always Have Someone to Answer Questions

The initial consultation is set up for two hours, and it is with two attorneys, usually myself and the associate who I determine is best suited to assist with the case based on our call. You are only charged for my time, or in my absence, my senior associate’s time. The importance to me of the two counsel approach is that if either one of us is out of the office for an extended period due to trial, conference, or otherwise, the other is likely to be available to you in short order, and you will know to whom you are talking. More about that later.  

We Are Committed to Understanding Your Situation

We request that you bring whatever you have concerning the issue at hand – asset and debt information, income information, prior court orders and agreements, and new pleadings with which you have been served, if any.

We hear from you about what led to you coming to see us, making note of all facts and involved persons or witnesses, and hearing from you about what your concerns, goals and fears are. We need to understand what you think is urgent to ensure we address that with you fully.

We Provide Informed Options & Insights

Once we know more about you, we may make recommendations for particular options or make various suggestions – how should you communicate with the other side, what information do you need to gather, what professionals may be of use (accountant, real estate, mental health and the like).

We will advise you of the law pertaining to your case, the processes and personalities in the jurisdiction you are in, and we will advise you as to the legal processes available to you including litigation, mediation, collaborative law and other forms of settlement.  

Based on what you have shared with us, we will advise you as to how we think we can best help you.

We Share Best Practices

The consultation does not have to be 2 hours – it is as long as it needs to be to answer your questions and impart information that will be of value to you. I recommend that potential clients write down their questions in advance of the meeting to ensure no topic is missed.

We do caution potential clients that client confidentiality extends only to the potential client, so friends and family should not be in the room as that breaks confidentiality. They can, however, be present when you are telling us about your case, and can certainly be helpful if there are facts they know or if you have any recall issues where they can help you fill in the gaps. We then ask them to step outside before we share our thoughts.

We Work with You To Minimize Your Investment

After the initial consultation, should we decide to have an attorney/client relationship, resources are allocated to minimize your financial outlay, but give you the quality for which we have a solid reputation. A paralegal or an associate may be preparing discovery and responses to be shared with senior counsel, but you don’t have the expense of the higher hourly rate on all the preparation that was done to get that solid draft completed.

We Provide a Team to Support You

Many clients request that I conduct their hearings and trials, others are comfortable and confident working with an associate. The client and I reach consensus on the big issues to ensure they are comfortable with their representation. I am also available to you whenever you would like to discuss the case. Regular meetings with my associates keep me abreast even if I am not personally making every move on your behalf.

And that’s how we work at ReeseLaw,
Kate Reese

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Evening and weekend appointments are available under certain circumstances.


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